this week's

Superpositional dance

move like an animal that does not exist

Composed of the 3 things below

in 3 of the painted directions at once:

How is the Superpositional Dance generated?

1. Once a week, mixed AI technologies

curate 3 images from an image database

and then paint possible motion paths on the image

based on the principle of superposition. 

2. That week's superpositional dance is then distributed to

mixed reality exhibition spaces

and installations across the planet.

3. The order of which space shows what

is then randomized - mixing

past, present and possible. Each space and

installation is also encouraged to ignore,

remix and re-make any particular dance

at any given time.

Where did this idea come from?


Artists @chonghapeterlee and @selman.selma have

been constructing and teaching conceptual performance

workshops for the last year based on the idea of superposition.