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upcoming Livestreamed exhibition

hosted here at intercityplanetary.com

sunday, December 1st

8pm Berlin

3pm new york

12pm noon los angeles 


featuring more than 6 years

of on-going planetary play and art by:

rodrigo carazas portal

chongha peter lee 

"Playology" is a superpositional exhibition and performance event taking place in multiple sites across the planet featuring artists Rodrigo Carazas Portal, Chong-Ha Peter Lee sponsored by @intercityplanetary in partnership with various organizations.


Through superpositional reality technologies, "Playology" will clearly lay out and demonstrate the non-hierarchical relationship between philosophy, art and technology - how these are required for blind, organic creativity and the elegant solutions it implies for planetary society and politics.



The Shi-Tay Wei Art Fair

The Planetary Research Assemblage

Superpositional Magazine

The Zero Factory