Planetary Party Was at:

11AM PT / 2 PM EST / 8PM E. Europe 3/22/2020

1. FB Event & Stream: Link

2. Instagram: @planetarypartylive

3. Experimental Social VR Playground

(no hardware necessary): Link

4. Meme Invite: Link

5. Summarized Video (after it's done): Link Coming


1. As precarious workers

how do we use media

to continue to make and survive?


2. As researchers

how do we transmit real understanding

to community organizers?


3. As organizers

how do we quickly and calmly mediate

the correct facts and advice to the public?

4. As humans

how do we act in solidarity

with minority and vulnerable populations?

5. As creative beings

how do we creatively imagine and self-organize

today as a planet?


Superpositional Intersectionalist:

Selma Selman



Thomas Stanley

Ultra Futurist:

Boryana Rossa


Ilari Valbonesi


Intercity Planetary Researcher:

Peter Lee

Loose stuff, may or may not be relevant, not everyone agrees on this, take it with a grain of salt